To meet the learning needs of a regional chapter of the Young President’s Organization, Primed work closely with the chapter’s Education Committee Chair to develop a full-day immersive experience. Rather than focus on incremental innovation (the domain of operational excellence initiatives, Six Sigma, and Lean programs), or on breakthrough innovation (high risk/high reward activities that may result in more failure than success and hazardous to small enterprise health), the concept of “additive innovation” was be addressed. Additive innovation may be likened to a major upgrade or significant step up in the performance of the products, services, or business models that comprise the business.

Participants were left with a framework they could apply to their businesses and examples and stories that provoked and inspired. By including peer presentations highlighting specific innovation challenges, the results obtained, and key lessons learned, participants also saw how the work of building an innovation-capable culture might be accessible to them, too. A quick “litmus test” of how each participant’s company was doing at innovation was provided and this resulted in clear lessons that helped participants understand what they might do better in terms of: leadership; employees; processes; and, customers.