We offer a number of training programs based on where we jointly identify your greatest opportunity.

Primed for Innovation:

How will you focus?

If you are looking to jump start your organization’s innovation efforts, Primed for Innovation is for you. By combining key elements from two of our stand-alone training program offerings, Social OrienteeringSM and ExperienceInnovation, this 1-day program helps create a solid foundation for intact work teams to be more success the next day they are back on the job.

Participants, working in teams, will discover:

  • How to recognize and address barriers to innovation performance,
  • A set of readily applicable skills and a common language for innovation, and,
  • The value of social networks in delivering innovation to market

Social Orienteering:

How will you play?

The power or organizations lie in their ability to coordinate and collaborate to achieve their goals. When they are high-performing they are the embodiment of the effectiveness of specialization and scalability. However, as organizations grow they place an ever-increasing reliance on the need for functional expertise. Strong demarcation of roles and responsibilities, while important to accomplish fixed process goals becomes a barrier to the flexibility, responsiveness, and risk-taking necessary for innovation.

Through the Social OrienteeringSM program participants will experience:

  • An introduction to the barriers to effective innovation that reside within all organizations,
  • The way in which cultural norms can influence the innovation behaviors,
  • The power of social networks and how they exist in their own organizations,
  • The roles across and within social networks that are necessary for goal attainment,
  • Tool for conducting social network analysis and for understanding the differences unique to their own organizations, and,
  • Opportunity to plan for taking Social OrienteeringSM back to their own work group and organizations.


How will you support?

Experience Innovation (offered in partnership with ExperiencePoint)

In an energizing workshop, teams flex their design thinking skills to solve a realistic and complex challenge. In so doing, they engage with the terms, techniques and thought patterns of successful innovators. Participants leave ready and able to effect meaningful change back on-the-job.

Built in collaboration with innovation and design firm IDEO, Design Thinker confers a competitive advantage by helping organizations:

  • See new opportunities consistently.
  • Connect deeply with customers.
  • Transform insights and data into actionable ideas.
  • Create and implement new solutions with business impact faster and more effectively.

Download a PDF one-page overview of Design Thinker – ExperienceInnovation


How will you transform?

ExperienceChange (offered in partnership with ExperiencePoint) improves the success rate of change initiatives. This business simulation gives participants hands-on experience with applying the concepts covered in the program. It provides for the kind of action learning that sharpens participants’ skills and enhances their grasp of critical frameworks. By providing a realistic and immersive situation participants learn in an engaging manner. The simulation also allows for scenario planning using variations of approach and technique, which expands participants’ thinking about the topic. ExperienceChange drives outcomes at three levels:

  • Organizational Alignment – it promotes the use of a common language and process for leading change.
  • Team Effectiveness – it is a challenging and competitive team-based activity that encourages good team process and the sharing of experiences.
  • Individual Contributors – it is a rigorous practice field for planning and implementing change that introduces and promotes the effective use of change theory, tools, and techniques (e.g. Force Field Analysis, Stakeholder Analysis, Communications Planning).

Download a PDF one-page overview of Global Tech – ExperienceChange

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