Drew Marshall educates businesses and organizations on how an understanding of social networks can improve the way their innovation intent aligns with their strategy.


Presentations & Speaking:

About Andrew Marshall

Drew Marshall educates and entertains businesses and organizations on how an understanding of organization culture and social connectivity can improve the way their innovation intent aligns with their strategy. He leaves his audience energized and primed for action.

With a speaking style that is engaging, humor-laden, enthusiastic, and personal, Drew works with his clients to ensure that each presentation is designed to meet the specific needs of the audience at hand. While presenting he adjusts to match the level of engagement as he goes along. The end result, people are ready to help grow their organization’s innovation-capable culture.

Forget the Org Chart:

It is the network that can drive product development success

Among the many challenges in the product development and management world is getting a new product through an organization’s functional silos and out the door. This presentation explores the challenges and the benefits of using a new process, social orienteering ™, to steer products more rapidly and successfully to market.

Primed for Innovation:

See the world beyond the way we are

Too often our desire for innovation is overwhelmed by the demands of the everyday. We are consumed by the tyranny of the urgent and we fail to make room for the important. This presentation explores the reason why our approach to innovation needs us to see the world beyond the way we are in order to improve our performance.

Manufacturing Magic:

The Hard Work of Creating an Innovation Culture

It’s hard work transforming your organization into an innovation engine. Through this presentation we explore the challenges and the inherent surprises in trying to shift and change the most intractable aspect of organization life — the culture — because in doing so, magic happens.

Case Studies

ICSC: “The Power of Human Centered Design”

Working with a global professional association we developed a program to explore the fundamentals of effective innovation practice while providing a fun and engaging learning opportunities for an intact team.

Looking to position the team for long-term success we identified a series of specific outcomes for requiring facilitation services.

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Crayola: “Bridging the Gaps” :

When Crayola was celebrating the recognition of its internal innovators in their annual recognition ceremony they reached out to Primed Consulting’s Drew Marshall.

Every year the committee, called the Edwin Binney Society, holds an event that honors all the past patents holders and rewards new ones. On this occasion, they were happy to acknowledge eight new patents. The Society also give out awards to the employees that went beyond their capabilities and accomplishments in three different departments.

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YPO: “Culture of Innovation”

To meet the learning needs of a regional chapter of the Young President’s Organization, Primed work closely with the chapter’s Education Committee Chair to develop a full-day immersive experience. Rather than focus on incremental innovation (the domain of operational excellence initiatives, Six Sigma, and Lean programs), or on breakthrough innovation (high risk/high reward activities that may result in more failure than success and hazardous to small enterprise health), the concept of “additive innovation” was be addressed. Additive innovation may be likened to a major upgrade or significant step up in the performance of the products, services, or business models that comprise the business.

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