Working with a global professional association we developed a program to explore the fundamentals of effective innovation practice while providing a fun and engaging learning opportunities for an intact team.

Looking to position the team for long-term success we identified a series of specific outcomes for requiring facilitation services. These included:

  • Developing the ability of the group to identify the capabilities required for education program design success.
  • Helping team members recognize the value of human centered design in delivering new programs to ICSC members.
  • Illustrating for team members the power of the language of human centered design and began to develop some expertise in its use in relation to education program design.
  • Providing members with an opportunity to see beyond individual performance to shared goals.
  • Building the case for continuous learning throughout the team.

As with all our presentations, work was conducted in advance to identify specific meeting objectives and desired outcomes so that we might best partner with the client to deliver a targeted and rich experience.