When Crayola was celebrating the recognition of its internal innovators in their annual recognition ceremony they reached out to Primed Consulting’s Drew Marshall.

Every year the committee, called the Edwin Binney Society, holds an event that honors all the past patents holders and rewards new ones.  On this occasion, they were happy to acknowledge eight new patents. The Society also give out awards to the employees that went beyond their capabilities and accomplishments in three different departments.

To reflect the nature of the event and offer insight of value, the presentation topic focused on “Bridging the Gaps”, most specifically the gaps between invention and innovation, and creativity and application.

“So much of what we do, when we focus on innovation, is to identify gaps to close. Gaps in our knowledge, experience, awareness, understanding and so many other facets are open to our efforts.

After years of experience it can be seen that the best practitioners don’t avoid the gaps they studiously seek them out and attempt to bridge them. In the effort of bridging they may not close the gap but they may get closer to a deeper experience of the issue and hand that may serve them in their next attempt.”

This presentation topic has served as a foundation to engage and enthuse other audiences, too, and has been much requested.