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is at the heart of meaning making in organizations.


Depending on where you find your greatest opportunity we offer multiple points of entry into transforming the innovation-capability of your culture. Review the core questions below, seek which strike a chord with you and then let’s begin our journey. Together we will design an approach to innovation that clearly maps a path for your success.



It’s not enough to be ready and willing—if you lack the capability to achieve your goals you will simply be marking time. We offer a number of training programs based on where we jointly identify your greatest opportunity to go further, faster. Each program offers an introduction to the knowledge and skills necessary to develop an innovation-capable culture and a platform for ongoing application.



Being specific about where to focus your attention and how you spend your time is essential in creating an innovation-capable culture. Without a clear understanding of the current state or your organization the choices you make may do more harm than good, or at the very least be an ineffective use of your resources. Knowledge leads to wise choices. To design the organization well we need to organize our design well.



Our founder, Drew Marshall, educates businesses and organizations around the world on how a deep understanding of human performance can improve the way their innovation intent aligns with their strategies. Through rich storytelling, and years of examples from the field, his commitment is to leave each audience energized and primed for action.


Case Studies


When the technology giant Hewlett-Packard decided to split itself into two separate business entities, HPE the enterprise-focused business decided to focus its innovation efforts.

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ICSC: “The Power of Human Centered Design”

Working with a global professional association we developed a program to explore the fundamentals of effective innovation practice while providing a fun and engaging learning opportunities for an intact team.

Looking to position the team for long-term success we identified a series of specific outcomes for requiring facilitation services.

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Featured Articles

@WaPo: How To Breed Big Innovation Inside A Small Business

An endless list of priorities often relegates “innovation” to the list of buzzwords small business owners read about but can never tackle – something for the well-funded R&D labs at big corporations, not for the entrepreneurs on Main Street. But innovation is...

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