Consulting & Facilitation

We offer five points of entry depending on where you find your greatest opportunity. Review the core questions below, seek which strike a chord with you and then let’s begin our journey. Together we can design an approach to innovation that clearly maps a path to success.

Strategy in Focus: How will you focus your innovation efforts?
Chart the Organization Topography in which we see beyond the organization chart to reveal important dimensions that influence behavior
Define the Explicit & Tacit Priorities for innovation and new product efforts to create an meaningful foundation for expectations-setting and commitment management.
Assess the Critical Success Factors in delivering innovations and new products to market

Vision in Play: How will you play?
Conduct Strategic Innovation Mapping to determine how innovation should build on your best practices
Plan for robust Strategic Innovation Implementation in which we seek to appreciate what you do well (demonstrated best performances, and capitalize on it, so that you can grow beyond your current innovation constraints
Drive Innovation Process Renovation to take your innovation and new product development processes and supporting systems to higher levels of performance

Social Network in Action: How will you support?
Perform Social Network Analysis to reveal the hidden organization structure by which work currently is performed
Develop a program for Social Network Capital Management to capitalize on the key experts, brokers, advocates and orienteers across your organization
Instruct in the art of Social Orienteering so that those engaged in the innovation process have the skills to navigate the social and political terrain across an organization

Leadership in Innovation: How will you lead?
Design Innovation Leadership Labs to create leaders at all levels of the innovation process
Support Coaching for Orienteering to provide behavior modeling and goal-based performance management that will foster continuous innovation performance improvement
Make Mentors Everywhere so that no opportunity to learn is lost

United in Meaning: How will you sustain?
Install the Communication for Change program – Building Moments / Building Momentum – to create positive points of leverage
Drive Program Traction through story-telling, dialogue and making success visible to engage and inspire
Create Opportunities to Engage by defining actions (quick wins), and pro-actions (“what’s next” thinking) that make participation a fact and not an option