Hooray for Failure – Episode 2 – Andrew Webster, moxie, of Iron Rings

HFF_EpisodeIn this second episode of Hooray for Failure! podcast we explore failure with the ever-charming Andrew Webster, Director of Change and Innovation at ExperiencePoint during which we talk about the challenge of working in an organization in which failure is accepted and expected. We discuss the value of moxie, too! And I share a tale of how the a physical remembrance of failure can resonate through the ages.


  1. I’ve just listened in on both episodes and I agree with a lot of the attitudes discussed in the first episode about “failure is okay and not to be feared” while at the same time “let’s not enjoy unproductive failure”.

    I’m sure there could be a number of follow up podcasts covering the honing of attitudes around failure.

    From this podcast I enjoyed the concept of safe failure. There’s an old saying, “The difference between a wise man and a fool is the wise man learns from the mistakes of others”, which guided experiential learning really lends its self to in a way that tends to be more useful that flat observation of failures could be.

    I would also be interested to hear a discussion on identifying failure pre-and-post event, as well as how to get back some of the lost focus towards the mission after that stumble.

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