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Primed Associates has been featured at a number of sites. Check here for the latest articles and posts on the ways to create an innovation-capable culture.


Primed Associates has a new post up at B2B Marketing on The Power of Priming: Moving towards Innovation






“Contrary to popular belief, groundbreaking ideas and products do not magnificently appear out of nowhere to instantly change the world forever. Innovation requires extensive planning. The creative act of brainstorming is really only a small part of the innovation process for individuals and businesses. Implementing an intelligent plan that injects change into inherently stable systems is the true goal. To reach that goal, you must pave the path through priming.”

Primed Associates was featured at Under 30 CEO sharing thoughts on Creating the Right Office Culture to Foster Innovation



“Innovation isn’t found everywhere, but any company can find ways to create more of it. By introducing little changes to the office, you can develop a powerful atmosphere to foster innovation within your organization.”

Primed Associates was mentioned at as one of 10 Consultants Who Avoid the BS

Anybody with an email address and an Internet connection can become a consultant these days – and many posers frequently attempt to. These people will make you do all the work yourself and then charge you for the pleasure!

It’s vital, however, that prospective clients are able to cut through the crap and find consulting partners who can truly help them prosper. Here are ten who use tactics to make their expertise stand out in the crowd:

2. Drew Marshall, CEO at Primed Associates LLC